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How To Access TalkCounsel Free Legal Representation in Lagos State

TalkCounsel is built on one simple but powerful belief: that no person should be denied the right to equal justice. On this belief, we created a legal tech solution for nearly 200 million Nigerians to enable them to find, hire and collaborate with lawyers directly from their mobile phones without ever visiting a law firm. 

Sadly, during the #EndSARS protest, we observed that most citizens who were unlawfully arrested could not afford the services of a lawyer in Nigeria. 

Unfortunately, in our search for these indigents citizens who were victims of police brutality and who could not afford legal help, we were confronted with the difficulties of searching across multiple social media platforms for these individuals which resulted in a waste of resources as we were unable to keep up with the randomized searches across several social media platforms. 

In addressing this setback and ensuring TalkCounsel’s resources are better spent on advocating for citizens who are confronted with police brutality in Lagos State and who are unable to afford legal representation, we created the TalkCounsel Legal Clinic: Lagos State Hub (TLC)

TLC’s objective is to provide free legal representation to citizens who are unable to afford legal services. In ensuring we streamline the communication channel and ensure we don’t miss out on valuable information, we’ve partnered with Tullopy to streamline the police brutality reporting channel in Lagos State. 

Tullopy is a social learning and community forum for Nigerian citizens. With Tullopy, citizens can create a free account, connect, learn from each other and report any police brutality occurring in Lagos State instantaneously through the Tullopy’s Gist Feed. 

Today, with Tullopy, we can help fight police brutality within Lagos State. Although we can’t take up all cases at the moment, we will attend to the cases we consider as most urgent.


  1. Create your free account today at Tullopy
  2. Share your complaint on Gist Feed
  3. Visibility should be Public

Coverage: We are only able to cover Lagos State at the moment. However, we anticipate expansion to other states soon.

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