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How to Build an Agile Legal Pilot Program for Your Startup

When your startup is ready to scale, it’s crucial to have a solid legal foundation in place. But implementing a full-fledged legal department can be expensive and time-consuming. That’s why many startups are turning to agile legal pilot programs to get the benefits of formalized legal procedures without the added cost and bureaucracy. This article […]

Christian Nwachukwu
how to build an agile legal pilot program for your startup

Redefining Productivity for the Hybrid Era

In today’s constantly-connected world, the traditional definition of “productivity” is no longer enough. To be productive in the hybrid era, we need to redefine what productivity means for us. For some people, it might mean being able to get work done anywhere, anytime. It might mean finding a healthy balance between work and personal time […]

Christian Nwachukwu
Learn how to redefine productivity for the hybrid era to better manage your time and resources.

8 Benefits of Hiring Lawyers through a Digital Platform

There are many ways to go about it when it comes to finding a lawyer. You can ask family and friends for recommendations, search the internet, or go through the phone book. However, one of the best and most efficient ways to find a lawyer is by using a digital platform. A digital platform provides […]

Christian Nwachukwu
You can save time, money, and energy with an online legal platform. Learn why hiring lawyers through a digital platform is the way to go.

How to Decrease Lawyer Burnout and Attrition Rates: Legal Leaders’ Tips

Lawyer burnout and attrition rates are a growing concern in the legal profession. According to a recent study, almost half of all lawyers report feeling burned out, and one-third say they consider leaving their job. This is a huge problem, not only for the lawyers themselves but also for their firms and clients. In this article, […]

Christian Nwachukwu
Want to decrease lawyer burnout and attrition rates? Here are the top tips from legal leaders and practical action steps you can take now.

The Top Challenges Business and HR Leaders Need to Overcome

As a business or HR leader, you are constantly faced with new challenges. Whether trying to increase productivity or dealing with difficult employees, there are always obstacles to overcome. This article will discuss some of the top challenges that business and HR leaders need to be aware of. We’ll also provide advice on overcoming these […]

Christian Nwachukwu
Are you facing a challenge in your business or HR department? Learn about the top challenges business and HR leaders need to overcome.

How Flexible Talent Can Rescue Legal Departments from the Great Resignation

As in other industries, there has been a recent trend of mass resignations in the legal sector. This can be a significant problem for companies, which may struggle to keep up with their work without the departed employees. However, there is hope! Legal departments can rescue themselves from the great resignation by utilizing flexible talent. […]

Christian Nwachukwu
When top talent leaves, it's a big problem. But when that talent is flexible, you can avoid disaster.

Trauma-Informed Workplaces: What They Are and Why They Matter

Did you know that one in five American adults experience a mental health disorder in a given year? That’s more than 43 million people! And according to the National Alliance on Mental Illness, “mental illness costs America $193.2 billion in lost earnings each year.” The good news is that many of these disorders are treatable, and there are […]

Christian Nwachukwu
A trauma-informed workplace understands the impact of stress and trauma on employees. Here's why they matter and how you can make your office one.

6 Steps to Find the Right Business Lawyer

When you’re starting a business, one of the first things you’ll need to do is find a good business lawyer. But how do you go about finding the right one for your company? It can be tricky, especially if you don’t know what to look for. This article will outline six steps that will help […]

Christian Nwachukwu
This post walks you through six steps for finding a business lawyer who will be a great fit for your company and project.

6 Tips for Communicating Better with Your Clients

Good communication is key to any successful relationship. The same is true for your relationship with your clients. If you want to maintain a positive relationship with them, and ensure they are happy with your services, then you need to be a good communicator. This article will discuss six tips that will help you communicate […]

Christian Nwachukwu
Want to improve your client communication? Here are four tips that will help you build better relationships and achieve better results.

7 Ways to Promote Employee Engagement and Increase Productivity

Employee engagement is key to a productive and successful workplace. When employees are engaged, they are more likely to be productive and contribute positively to the company. In this article, we will discuss 7 ways to promote employee engagement and increase productivity in your workplace. 1. Recognize employees for a job well done One of […]

Christian Nwachukwu
Want to increase employee productivity? Check out these seven ways to promote engagement in the workplace.

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