7 Ways to Sell as a Lawyer Without Being ‘Sales-y’

Selling is often perceived as pushy and uncomfortable. If you're worried about being too sales-y, try these seven tips for selling without the hard sell.

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Lawyers often have a tough time when it comes to sales. Many think that lawyers are ‘sales-y’ and have to be pushy to make a sale. This is not true! There are many ways to sell as a lawyer without being pushy. In this article, we will discuss seven of them. Stay tuned for some great tips!

1. Establish trust

When you first meet with a potential client, take the time to learn about their needs and what led them to seek legal counsel. This shows that you’re invested in their case and willing to work for their best interests. By establishing trust from the beginning, you’ll make it easier to sell your services down the road.

Additionally, be transparent about your experience and what you can do for the client. Don’t make promises you can’t keep or try to sell them on a service that doesn’t apply to their case. This will only backfire and damage your reputation in the long run.

Overall, always be professional. This means dressing the part, being punctual for meetings, and exhibiting respectful behavior. If you come across as someone difficult to work with, clients will be less likely to want to do business with you. By behaving professionally, you’ll increase the chances that potential clients will want to work with you.

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2. Educate your clients

As a lawyer, you know that educating your clients is the key to a successful legal relationship. By informing your clients about the law and their case, they can make informed decisions and trust you more. You can educate your clients in several ways, such as through newsletters, blog posts, or even one-on-one consultations.

By taking the time to educate your clients, you will build a stronger relationship with them and ultimately be able to sell more effectively. After all, when your clients trust you and feel you have their best interests, they will be much more likely to use your services. So, don’t be afraid to spend some time educating your clients – it will pay off in the long run!

3. Connect with them on a personal level

One of the best ways to sell as a lawyer without being ‘sales-y’ is to connect with potential clients on a personal level. Get to know them as people, not just as potential customers. This will help you to build trust and create a relationship that could lead to a sale.

4. Help them feel confident in their decisions

You can do a few things as a lawyer to help your clients feel confident in their decisions. First, be sure to take the time to explain the law and your recommendations in a way that is easy to understand. It would help if you also were responsive to any questions or concerns they may have. Ultimately, be willing to provide guidance even after they have made their decision. Doing these things can help build trust and confidence between you and your clients.

5. Avoid being pushy or aggressive

As a lawyer, you want to ensure that you are not pushy or aggressive when selling your services. This can turn potential clients off and ruin any chances of making a sale. Instead, be polite and professional, and make sure you listen to the client’s wants. If you can provide what they need, then you are more likely to make a sale.

6. Frame your services in terms of what they can achieve

When selling your services as a lawyer, it’s important to frame them in terms of what they can achieve for the client. This means that you shouldn’t focus on what you’re selling but on what the client will gain from working with you. By focusing on the client and their needs, you’ll be able to sell your services in a way that doesn’t feel ‘sales-y.’

Here are some things to keep in mind when framing your services:

– Focus on the client’s needs, not on your services

– Explain how your services can benefit the client

– Use language that is easy for the client to understand

– Be clear about what the client can expect from working with you

By following these tips, you’ll be able to sell your services in a way that is both effective and ethical. Remember, when selling as a lawyer, your goal should always be to put the client’s needs first.

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7. Use a consultative selling approach

When selling as a lawyer, it’s important to avoid coming across as “sales-y.” One way to do this is to use a consultative selling approach. This means that you treat the potential client as a partner and work with them to find the best solution to their problem. You’re not just trying to sell them a product or service – you’re trying to help them solve a problem.

This approach can be efficient because it shows that you’re not just interested in making a quick sale. You’re interested in helping the client and willing to work with them to find the best solution for their needs. This can build trust and rapport, essential to any successful sale.

If you’re unsure how to use a consultative selling approach, plenty of resources can help you learn more about this technique. Once you understand how it works, you’ll be able to sell as a lawyer without being “sales-y.” And that’s a good thing for both you and your clients.

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