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  • Multi-Member LLC Operating Agreement Template

    Business Formation

    A multiple-member operating agreement is designated for companies (LLCs) that have more than one (1) owner.

  • Single Member LLC Operating Agreement Template

    Business Formation

    A single-member operating agreement is a document written for a limited liability company (LLC) with only one (1) owner. The form is to be used to help solidify the LLC’s status as a separate entity from the owner’s personal assets.

  • LLC Operating Agreement Template

    Business Formation

    An LLC operating agreement is agreed to by the members of a company and outlines its ownership, management, and each individual’s roles.

  • Relationship Contract Template

    Other Legal Services

    A relationship contract, or cohabitation agreement, is between a couple to establish rules for a relationship. This contract is sometimes required to establish a domestic partnership.

  • Escrow Holdback Agreement

    Commercial Contracts

    An escrow holdback agreement addendum is used to set rules for money that is “held back” until the seller of property fulfills their duties after the closing occurs. The agreement outlines work or tasks that are needed to be completed in order for the seller to collect the last payment for the purchase of their property after the closing.

  • Public Relations (PR) Consultant Agreement

    Commercial Contracts

    A public relations (PR) consultant agreement is a legal contract that describes the business relationship between a client and a PR consultant, binding both parties to the terms and conditions relayed therein. The primary purpose of a public relations consultant is to work with a company’s PR team to establish a positive image of the business with the public.

  • Equipment Lease Agreement

    Commercial Contracts

    An equipment lease agreement is between a lessor, the owner of the equipment, and a lessee who agrees to pay rent for the equipment to use for a specified time period.

  • Non-Circumvention Agreement

    Commercial Contracts

    A non-circumvention agreement protects a party in a business deal from being bypassed or having their work being used against them. It commonly includes a non-disclosure clause that prohibits the other party from sharing trade secrets (proprietary information).

  • IT Subcontractor Agreement

    Commercial Contracts

    An IT subcontractor agreement is a legally binding contract that outlines the terms and conditions of work that an individual will be completing regarding Information Technology (IT). The agreement will outline the scope of work, start, and end date, payment terms, names of both parties, conditions of termination, liability, data security, etc.

  • Construction Subcontractor Agreement

    Commercial Contracts

    A construction subcontractor agreement is between a general contractor who holds an agreement with a client (“prime contract”) and a subcontractor to perform a service. The contractor usually seeks the service of the subcontractor because they cannot perform the service themselves. This is common for basic trades like plumbing, electrical, roofing, carpentry, interior design, or any service the contractor decides to hire.