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  • Multi-Member LLC Operating Agreement Template

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    A multiple-member operating agreement is designated for companies (LLCs) that have more than one (1) owner. It is highly recommended, as it is the only written document that designates the owners of a company and what percentage of it they own (LLCs are not owned by shares like corporations and are described as a percentage). The form should be signed in front of a notary public with copies given to all members with at least one (1) original to remain at the company’s principal office address (usually not filed with the Secretary of State or any government agency).

  • Painting Subcontractor Agreement

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    A painting subcontractor agreement is between a contractor that hires an individual or company for painting work, the ‘subcontractor’, on a larger project. This is common for new construction or remodeling when the painting work is a smaller portion of the entire project. The agreement may be written for any interior, exterior, residential, commercial, industrial, or specialty project.

  • Relationship Contract Template

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    A relationship contract, or cohabitation agreement, is between a couple to establish rules for a relationship. This contract is sometimes required to establish a domestic partnership.

  • Durable (Financial) Power of Attorney Form

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    A durable power of attorney form allows an individual (principal) to select someone else (agent) to handle their financial affairs while they are alive. The term durable refers to the form remaining valid even if the principal becomes incapacitated (e.g. Dementia, Alzheimer’s, etc.).

  • Stock (Shares) Purchase Letter of Intent

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    A stock purchase letter of intent is used to establish an agreement for the purchase of shares in a business such as a corporation, company (LLC), or partnership. The agreement may be used for public and privately traded companies.

  • Meeting Minutes Template

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    Meeting minutes outline the subject matter of a meeting, including all topics of discussion as well as votes. It is not a transcript but should contain all details for absent members.

  • Breach of Contract Cease and Desist Letter Template

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    A breach of contract cease and desist letter is sent to a party that has entered into an agreement and has violated the terms resulting in damages to the claimant. This letter is commonly used when the defendant is in violation of an employment or non-compete agreement.