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  • Property Management Agreements

    Commercial ContractsReal Estate

    A property management agreement is between a property owner and a manager that is hired to maintain the property. It is common for the manager to be paid a percentage (%) of the total revenue generated from the property plus fees for maintenance, leasing, and evicting tenants.

  • LLC Operating Agreement

    Business FormationCommercial ContractsOther Legal Services

    An LLC operating agreement is agreed to by the members of a company and outlines its ownership, management, and each individual’s roles. Therefore, it’s highly recommended after the formation of a company that the members write and sign an operating agreement.

  • Single Member LLC Operating Agreement

    Business FormationCommercial ContractsOther Legal Services

    A single-member operating agreement is a document written for a limited liability company (LLC) with only one (1) owner. The form is to be used to help solidify the LLC’s status as a separate entity from the owner’s personal assets. The owner’s role in the company, as well as any officer(s), registered agent, manager(s), and any other positions, should be listed. Once completed, the document should be held at the principal place of business and is not filed with any government office.

  • Multi-Member LLC Operating Agreement Template

    Business FormationCommercial ContractsOther Legal Services

    A multiple-member operating agreement is designated for companies (LLCs) that have more than one (1) owner. It is highly recommended, as it is the only written document that designates the owners of a company and what percentage of it they own (LLCs are not owned by shares like corporations and are described as a percentage). The form should be signed in front of a notary public with copies given to all members with at least one (1) original to remain at the company’s principal office address (usually not filed with the Secretary of State or any government agency).

  • Referral (Affiliate) Fee Agreement

    Commercial Contracts

    A referral fee agreement is between an affiliate that “refers” sales or services to a company in exchange for compensation. The fee paid to the affiliate is commonly a percentage (%) of the total sale or a flat fee per transaction. Leads may also be included in the agreement, for example, if the affiliate refers e-mail addresses to the company they may be able to receive compensation.

  • Barter Agreement Template

    Commercial Contracts

    A barter agreement outlines a trade of goods or services without the use of money. This type of arrangement is common between two (2) parties that are repeatedly transacting business with each other. A barter agreement can either be a fixed agreement, where both parties are required to deliver by a specific date, or an ongoing arrangement.

  • Painting Subcontractor Agreement

    Commercial ContractsOther Legal Services

    A painting subcontractor agreement is between a contractor that hires an individual or company for painting work, the ‘subcontractor’, on a larger project. This is common for new construction or remodeling when the painting work is a smaller portion of the entire project. The agreement may be written for any interior, exterior, residential, commercial, industrial, or specialty project.

  • Janitorial Subcontractor Agreement

    Commercial Contracts

    A janitorial subcontractor agreement is between a company and an individual being hired to clean commercial and residential property. The subcontractor, or ‘janitor’, is hired strictly on a per-project or case-by-case situation where they will be responsible for payment of their withholding taxes to the respective State and Federal government.

  • Cleaning Subcontractor Agreement Template

    Commercial Contracts

    A cleaning subcontractor agreement is between an employer and a (“subcontractor”) that provides cleaning services for payment. The agreement should outline how the subcontractor will be paid (per job or $/hour), uniform requirements, and who is responsible for providing the cleaning supplies and equipment.

  • Construction Subcontractor Agreement

    Commercial Contracts

    A construction subcontractor agreement is between a general contractor who holds an agreement with a client (“prime contract”) and a subcontractor to perform a service. The contractor usually seeks the service of the subcontractor because they cannot perform the service themselves. This is common for basic trades like plumbing, electrical, roofing, carpentry, interior design, or any service the contractor decides to hire.